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Busy Port Construction Schedule Creates 5,000 Jobs in 2012

The Port of Long Beach is in the midst of some of its heaviest lifting during a 10-year construction timeline — and that has led to large numbers of jobs.

According to port officials, in 2012 there were 5,166 new construction-related jobs created in the region as a result of port projects.

“The creation of more than 5,000 new jobs is welcome news for Southern California,” Harbor Commission President Susan Wise said in a statement. “Keep in mind that these projects are modernizing our port in order for us to stay competitive and remain a reliable economic resource that supports hundreds of thousands of permanent trade-related jobs.”

Overall, the Port of Long Beach moves more than $155 billion in goods each year, with more than 300,000 jobs as a result.

The bulk of the construction-related jobs are coming from contracts the port is entering in regards to the terminal-based Middle Harbor Project and the replacement of the Gerald Desmond Bridge. The Port of Long Beach committed, starting in 2010, to invest $4.5 billion in capital improvements over a 10-year period.

For comparison, there were 2,985 construction-related jobs created in 2011 and 880 in 2010. In 2012, the port awarded a $650 million design-build contract for the bridge project, along with other major contracts related to the Middle Harbor Project. Other contracts handed out that year include projects related to environmental work, security upgrades and shore power installations.

Port officials estimated that roughly half of the jobs went to Long Beach and its residents.

“We’re a state trust, so we can’t specifically gear things just for Long Beach, although the practical matter is that when there is a project here at the port, it’s pretty clear that the people living closest are the most likely to get those jobs,” said Art Wong, port spokesman.

The jobs being created from the various construction projects will vary in length, with some lasting less than a year and others lasting two or more years. Whether this is the biggest year for construction-related job creation in the 10-year span remains to be seen, Wong said, but this is a period where two of the bigger projects are overlapping.

“This may be the peak, but whether it is 3,000 or 5,000, there will continue to be a specific number of new jobs each year,” he said. “If we spend most or all of this $4.5 billion like we have, we’ll create quite a few jobs and give the local economy quite a boost.”

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