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November 2, 2007

New Look Reflects Port’s New Direction
Logo highlights Port focus on environment, community, trade

The Port of Long Beach has adopted a new logo, making a bold statement to highlight the Port’s expanded commitment to the environment and community as well as economic vitality through international trade.

The vibrant new look tells the story of the Port’s new direction, demonstrated in recent years by the environmental stewardship under the groundbreaking Green Port Policy and the Port’s commitment to community engagement. The logo’s bold design encompasses the various facets of the Port’s mission: trade, wildlife, people, and the greater community that depends on the Port for economic prosperity and access to goods and products. In the logo, a ship, fish, people, a bird, trees, a house and buildings ring a representation of the United States.

“The Port of Long Beach has been a leader in environmental stewardship, community engagement and economic vitality; and the new look and logo reflect this,” said Harbor Commission President Mario Cordero. “It shows our commitments to multiple, diverse constituencies: the trade and shipping community, the local and regional community, and the wildlife that shares our harbor.”

The 2005 Green Port Policy has spurred dramatic changes at the Port including “Green Leases” that create partnerships with terminal operators to improve air quality, the Green Flag Vessel Speed Reduction Program that is reducing air pollution by more than 400 tons a year, and the Port’s pursuit of new environmental technologies such as shore-side electrical power to reduce emissions from docked vessels.

“We are adopting environmental policies here that are leading the way for seaports around the world,” Cordero said.

Community engagement is also a priority for the Port, as it actively reaches out to establish relationships with residents, community groups and business organizations in the region. The recent Green Port Fest, October 13, drew more than 7,000 residents to learn more about the Port’s operations and environmental programs. The Port is planning a series of upcoming community workshops, to be held in numerous Long Beach neighborhoods, to discuss Port operations and gather residents’ input.

The Port of Long Beach is the nation’s second busiest seaport, with more than $100 billion a year in trade. Port operations support more than 33,000 jobs in Long Beach, 316,000 jobs in Southern California and nearly 1.5 million throughout the nation. The Port’s groundbreaking Green Port Policy has won numerous environmental awards, including the American Association of Port Authorities’ highest environmental honor in 2006.