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Post 9-11 Security Upgrades
at Port of Long Beach

Feature articles, video available
on cutting-edge security programs

Since 9/11, port security has been an area of great interest to the public. The Port of Long Beach has made great strides in the past six years to upgrade its security systems and develop new technologies. Potential news features and video segments include:

  • New video-equipped submersibles – essentially underwater robots – that serve as the eyes of the security team to detect threats under harbor waters. Click here for a video feature and more information on the underwater robots. Port security teams will be available for interviews and demonstrations of the underwater robots.
  • New radiation scanners called Advanced Spectroscopic Portal (ASP), designed to better protect seaports from nuclear threats. This summer the Port’s Piers A and J facilities became among the first shipping terminals in the nation with the scanners, and last month Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff visited the Port to see a field test the new systems. Click here for a video feature on the security devices.
  • The Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) program, a national identification system in development for maritime workers requiring unescorted access to secure areas of port facilities. The Port has been working closely with the Department of Homeland Security to develop and test the program.
  • A new $21-million Command and Control Center, now under construction, that will provide a state-of-the-art facility for the Port’s Harbor Patrol and security partners. To view a video (7 min.) of the entire groundbreaking ceremony, click here. To view a news clip (3 min.), click here. To view (3 min.) a video of Commissioner James Hankla's speech, click here. For a video (3 min.) of Mayor Bob Foster's speech, click here.
  • The Port of Long Beach has received a total of $51 million in grants since 2001. In addition, the Port of Long Beach has and will expend an additional $20.8 million as a cost share for enhancing port security.
  • Other major projects include:
    • Fiber Optic Network – backbone for entire Port complex that will extend to the City of Long Beach’s Emergency Operations Center.
    • Internet-based customer portal designed to improve coordination among area security stakeholders
    • Underwater Surveillance – including fixed and mobile sonar devices
    • All Hazard Alert Broadcast System – AM Radio station to broadcast traffic and emergency information
    • Emergency Notification System – a system to notify Port employees and tenants in the case of an emergency
    • Port Incident Management System (PIMS) – electronic signs throughout the Port that will display Port closure, traffic and emergency information.
  • In 2006, at the state level, the Port worked with the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security to create a Port Security Strategy, helped establish the California Maritime Security Council and participated in the state-led Golden Guardian Exercise, an emergency preparedness drill.